Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Wishes | Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend:

Valentine’s Day Wishes: Closure an commitment is not easy to end, but sometimes is the good way a couple can take. A relationship may wind up if only one piece does not want to keep it any taller.

Sometimes we decide to finish it up, some other, our lover give the 1st step to finish it. Falling in love have its own conditions, sometimes we do good and sometimes it goes bad. But the meaningful thing is to live with strength. Let’s see our Valentine’s Day Wishes Collections and share it with your Ex.

If you’re done with your lover, you should wish her that everything goes alright in the dreamy attitude. Thereby, you will expose her that, although the relationship is up, you hop her / him to have gain in love. In this post we show you some Valentine’s Day Wishes and Quotes for your ex girlfriend / ex boyfriend to find joy with someone else.

Valentine's Day Wishes | Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day Wishes and Quotes for Ex Girlfriend:

  • You took the choice to finish our thing and I did not say a thing because I did not wish to impede the position, but after a few months I have not been able to pause loving you. I can just wish you to be happy with a guy who love you a lot cz you deserve it. Happy Valentines Day My Love.


  • Perhaps we were not meant for each other, but I will always remind the awesome days I spent with you. While it lasted, I felt the successful guy and still cannot accept end of our relation, even though I can’t let pass the moment to wish you a strong love life. Happy Valentine’s day!


  • The way you ended up our relationship produced me a lot of pain, but slightly you were true. I know you change me for other, even though I don’t keep animus. I wish you much joy and hope you’ve chosen good.


  • Dear ex sweetheart, I wish you a happy valentine’s day. Today I love the relationship we shared together and wish to recall those days with a brilliant human like you again.

Valentine's Day Wishes | Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend

More wishes for your Ex Girlfriend:
  • Wishing my ex girlfriend a very joyful valentine’s day. I send present for you and hope you would reach in the celebration today’s night wearing the lovely dress.
  • When I look back, I love the times I had spent with you. No element we are not with each other anymore but I still want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. I always love you.


  • Times change but thoughts always stay. We have had the most awesome times on this lovely day. Sending you balmy wish on Valentine’s Day. May you have a brilliant day.


  • Happy Valentine’s Day wishes for my Love. I still love you a lot my sweetheart and I look leading to being with you today and always to share the esteem we had.

Valentine’s Day Quotes and wishes for Ex Boyfriend:

  • To be cheated is nothing unless you stay to remember it.


  • All damaged lovers should be given a sec chance, but with someone else.


  • Never grief. If it’s well, it’s brilliant. If it’s bad, it’s experience. Happy Valentines Day!
  • Reject your impression of injury and the injury itself escape.
  • Do not justice men by mere display, for the light snicker that blob on the lip often veil around the depths of sorrow, and the honest look may be the calm veil that covers a wonderful peace and happiness.


  • You can judge to be joy or sad and whichever you accept that is what you get. No one is really liable to make somebody else joy, no matter what commonly people have been taught and take as true.

Valentine's Day Wishes | Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend

More Valentine’s Day Quotes and wishes for Ex boyfriend:

  • I don’t want the holes to stop rolling down my cheeks, I want you to come clean them off. I don’t want my heart to mend, I want you to come mess it. I don’t want to pause loving you, I want you to opening loving me again.


  • I don’t want to move up and give our relationship a loving ending. I want you to take me back in your arms and give it a new start. I love you. Happy Valentines Day!


  • Maybe our relation was not meant to be. But you mean all of things to me. Let’s try to be lovers and not buddies, I still trust in love’s wonderful fate. I love you forever.


  • We alive once and we die once… and our love is surely not going to be a worry. I love you.


  • My friend asked me if I required any help moving on and I replied ‘No, I require help getting him back’! I always Love you My boy.

Thanks for visit Best of luck for wish to your Ex. 🙂 . God bless you.

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