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Happy April Fool Day Pranks 2017

April Fool Day Pranks 2017:

Top 30 April Fool Day Pranks Ideas 2017

As all of you know that April Fool Day is coming up. So have need to prepared yourself  with an arsenal of hilarious April Fool Day Pranks that you can play with your family members, friends, and bitter enemies. We don’t advocate hurting or destroying people’s property. We are also never want to hurt peoples physically or mentally. Everything is fair else if it is a fair game. Due to be flooded with April Fool Day Pranks! April fool’s Day will be celebrated every where.

In the morning April Fool Day Pranks are more successful first. Has had enough coffee is suspected anything before the person being tricked. On April fool day many peoples tip toe around the day. Many peoples knowing a joke is hidden! from plain sight around every corner. Therefore it is a best trick for many peoples before they have the opportunity to leave the house. And April fool’s day is from the hilarious to the cringeworthy. I will be updating this article of Top 30 April Fools Day Pranks Ideas 2017.

Top 30 April Fool Day Pranks Ideas 2017

Throughout April Fools’ day with the best pranks ideas from around the whole world. April fool’s day is also one of the most dangerous day for making people’s fool. On this day no one can trust to anyone. Because on this day everyone wants to try for make fool to you so be careful from your friends and also from your family friends.

On last year one of my best friend calling me and asked me for sending 200$ amount to his account. As he needed the money as soon as possible. Suddenly I got worried and send him requested amount in their account. After some tome I got a call from him, and he told me he make me fool. Then I was just like WTF!! How can I forget about this day?

In this article I am going to share Top 30 April Fools Day Pranks Ideas 2017 for you. That you can use to share with your colleagues, family, and


April Fool’s Day Facebook status:

Top 30 April Fool Day Pranks Ideas 2017

From this article you can get some best Facebook status or April Fool Day Pranks for your friends and for your family member. You can also use to update this status for your girl friend, boy friend, your enemies, and also for your family members. This article also contains some best and funny Facebook status and prank ideas for making fool or lol to your friends. There is many April fool’s day jokes for your girlfriend. You can make her funny without hurting her, and making her laugh.


April Fool Day Pranks Ideas:

I’m Fool! I am Fool! I am fooling…..Ok Ok cool I agree you’re fool,

Now please control yourself……


Butter is Butter! And Cheese is Cheese,

If you forget me! I will through you in Gutter.

Who the Hell Need April Fool’s! When the rest of 2017,

Will probably………be a joke anyways.



April Fool’s Day is a great day! To let your crush,

Know! How you feel about them, causes if they don’t

feel the same way you can just say April Fool’s Day.


When you want to fool the world!

Tell the truth…………


You think I’m a fool! But…..

You are a greater fool than I’m.


I’m! COOL but you’re FOOL


Congratulation! Today is your day.


Happy Birthday to you! Because……

You’re born for this day, J


Thinking of you! on this Day,

Because it’s your day………………


To the biggest Fool I know!

Happy April fool day……………


If you’re not fool!

Than press F13…………


When you turn your phone off!

It won’t WORK AGAIN.


Just Because! It’s April Fool doesn’t mean you can Hurt,

Many other’s people’s feelings alright? Be careful,

Would be Pranksters.


Hard to know! How to celebrate April fool,

When everything is already a joke.


It’s gorgeous outside!

I think I’ll take a nap.


I’d rather be someone’s! shot of whiskey,

Than everybody’s cup of tea.


My life is about as organized!

As the $5 bin at Walmart.


Getting back! With an ex is like using,

The same piece of toilet paper twice.


If you wish to avoid seeing! A Fool,

You must first break your looking glass.


You can Always tell a real friend!

When you made you’ve made a fool yourself

He doesn’t made fool of yourself he doesn’t

Feel you’ve done a permanent job.




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