Today’s Libra Horoscope – Friday, August 4, 2017

Today’s Libra Horoscope – Friday, August 4, 2017

Libra Horoscope: This is your own Libra daily horoscope for Friday, August 4, 2017.

Today's Libra Horoscope - Friday, August 4, 2017

Libra Daily Horoscope:

There will be unexplained events in your life right now. The tender feelings flow easily from you to everyone you know – especially people of the opposite sex who are going to impress a lot. You will notice the work you need to do in order to get along with people both in the workplace and at home.

Libra Health & Wellness Horoscope:

Minor diseases are on the cards today. You may feel a slight cold or a headache. This is only a passing phase, but you may feel somewhat weak. So, do not schedule too many appointments today. Plenty of rest and relaxation will take care of the problem and you will soon be fit and well.

Libra Love & Relationship Horoscope:

The day is especially favorable for spending time with your parents. If you have been too busy lately, then this is the best time for you to call them and arrange an impromptu visit. This will relieve your stress considerably. Involve your partner in visiting your parents or siblings and watch a warm family time evolve. If you are single, you can meet a special person through your parents today.

Libra Career & Money Horoscope:

If you are looking for consultation or advice regarding career or finances today, whether from a professional or someone close to you, you can be greatly benefited to follow this advice. The day is especially favorable for engineers and those who work in software development. You can also be offered an opportunity to change jobs or continue in the same company, but in a different region or country.

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