Rizal Day bombings

Rizal Day bombings

Rizal Day bombingsThe Rizal Day bombings, also assigned to as the December 30 bombings, were a array of bombings. That showed over Metro Manila in the Philippines on December 30, 2000. The blast occurred in close progression within a length of some hours. Twenty-two casualty were reported and over a hundred more suffered non-fatal abuse.


The blow occurred during a cultural holiday in the Philippines. where December 30 is known as Rizal Day, celebrate the per suctions of the national hero, Jose Rizal.

Blast locations in Philippines:

Rizal Day bombings

Plaza Ferguson
Park Ferguson.
Makati gas station
Makati gas terminal.
Bus plying EDSA
Bus plying EDSA.
NAIA cargo terminal
NAIA cargo station.
Blumentritt LRT station
Blumentritt LRT terminal.

Locations of area that were bombed.

Rizal Day bombings

Five places were bombed most together within the period of an hour. All of the locations were parked within Metro Manila on the reef of Luzon.

  • A bomb blast at Park Ferguson in Malate, Manila. This special blow site is located less than a hundred meters from the US ministry.
  • Another blast explode at a gasoline terminal in the Makati basic business district. The object was a gasoline terminal along EDSA, across the track from the Dusit Hotel in Makati. Two policemen, members of the regional bomb band, died as a result of this blast.
  • The freight handling place of the Ninoy Aquino global Airport (NAIA) was also focus with at least one stormy device.
  • Another stormy device was explode inside a bus traveling along the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA). The blast exploded while the bus was en track in the Cubao place of Quezon City. One customer was killed while several others were wounded.
  • The blast that claimed the most casualties occurred in a train carriage at the Blumentritt terminal of the Metro Manila LRT Line 1.

Type of explosive employed:

The Philippine civil Police analyzed the bombs as one-kilogram black-powder blasts, set to blow up using timing gears. In addition, admissions by the convicted criminal describe the blasts as ammonium nitrate-based bombs.

Most of the factor of the bombs such as blasting berets. And detonating fibers were discovered to have come from the city of Talisay in the southern colony of Cebu. The city itself is known for the management of blasting berets used in illegal fishing.

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