Rizal Day 2016

Rizal Day 2016:

Rizal Day 2016Rizal Day is a Philippine civil holiday celebrate the life. And works of Jose Rizal. One of the Philippines public heroes. It is celebrated every December 30. The ceremony of Rizal 1896 execution at Bagumbayan in Manila. The 1st Leader of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo celebrate the 1st Rizal Day in 1898.

Definition of Rizal Day

  •   December 30, noticed as a lawful celebration. In the Philippines in ceremony of the death of the Filipino patriot Jose Rizal in 1896.

When is Rizal Day ?

  • Rizal day is celebrated on December 30 the day when he was executed by the Spanish authority.


Rizal Day History:

Rizal Day 2016

The First Rizal gravestone in Daet, Camarines Norte. Rizal Day was original instituted with a rule from Leader Emilio Aguinaldo issued December 20 1898 and celebrated December 30 1898. As a public day of grief for Rizal in Malolos, Bulacan. And every one casualty of the Spanish colonial rule of the Philippines.

Daet, Camarines Norte was the prime city to follow the edict, building a gravestone designed by Lt. Col.

Antonio Sanz, crossing rectifier by Sanz and Lt. Col. Ildefonso Alegre, and supported by the municipality of Camarines Norte. And therefore the rest of the Bicol sector.

Finished in Feb. 1899, the three-tiered stone pylon carve. Rizal’s novels Noli American state Tangere and El Filibusterismo. And Morga, for Antonio DE Morga, author of Sucesos DE las islas Filipinas. A book regarding the 1st days of the Spanish creation within the Philippines.

Rizal Day 2016

With the benefit of the Americans against the Spaniards within the Spanish–American battle. The Americans took administration of the Philippines. In an struggle to manifest that they were a lot of pro-Filipino than the Spaniards.

The yank Governor-General William Howard Taft in 1901 named Rizal a Philippine public hero. A year later, on January 1, 1902. The Philippine delegation  enacted Act No/345. That created Gregorian calendar month thirty a public break.

To indicate the solemnity of the event. President Elpidio Quirino signed Republic Act No, 229 into charge on June 9 1948. That prohibits blood game, racing and jai-alai each December 30.

What do people do on Rizal Day?

Formal events center around the main Rizal chapel, in Rizal Park in Manila. Flags are at half-mast and the Leader of the Philippines secular a wreath at Rizal’s chapel. As a symbol of the gratitude of nation and adoration.

As it is a public holiday, most people take the day off from work and invest time with friends & Family. Laborer are entitled to their full wage of day whilst those who do work on that day are entitled to double their normal rate.


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