Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017

Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017ISlamabad – The grand court on Thursday ended the hearing of the panama escapes case. And reserved its verdict, which it declared could be filed. At a later time “good.” Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017 are decided.

A 5-member bank led by justice leader Asif saeed khosa commented that. He will evaluate all the angles of the Panama Leaks Case Decision in the element. After which he will announce the decision. Different judges in the court are justice ejzal afzal khan. Justice Gulzar ahmed, justice jekí Azmat saeed and justice Ijaz-ul-ahsan.

Panama Leaks Case Decision:

Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017

Khosa justice found that 26,000 pages were filed within the case. And the judges will be started to examine its every sentence. He said he changed in now not a case where a short order can be overcome. The court record will be decide the case. Better after seeing the material presented within the court. And will announce its verdict in accord with the law and statute. Earlier, when the case hearing was go on. The higher court fazed the last agreement of the federal government with Qatar.

PTI recommend Naeem bukhari. Took the plea that Pakistan’s Muslim-led government-led Nawaz. Had submitted a 20-year contract for the access of lng with Qatar. To reward a prince who had come to the rescue of the ruler Circle. In response the Gulzar justice find that. If the government signed the agreement to grant favors to Qataris. Then it may be war of interest.

largest bank:

The largest bank asked the pti to favor informing the room. About the status of the lng agreement of Panama Leaks Case Decision. Bukhari said the problem had been challenged before the Sindh court. At some point in the process, the justice system of the Afzal Khan noted that. It had been held that in 1993. The four flat of the Sharif family’s own family had been purchased in the London Park neighborhood. The judge also fazed the skill of the documents pti.  Presented in the courtroom to establish the petitioner’s claims on London properties.

“The record of the court can not give a judgment on the idea of ​​disputed material”.  Do you intend to have the regulation of the land. And entertain the files that have not come through proper custody. Panama Leaks Case Decision?

Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017

khosa justice:

However, khosa justice observed “if we stop entertaining the documents of the pti. Then the archives of the sharif family will also be normal on an identical basis”. He noted that if the judicial record applied the identical formulation. Then ninety-nine Case should be “pulled”. The khosa justice also found that it became unfortunate. That a trend had evolved within society that “justice is taken into consideration. To be something in favor of a person” . If the issues of courtroom a verdict against all of us. Then it is miles Considered that the judge has been bribed.

Head of the Muslim awami league sheikh rasheed stated that. The sharif circle of relatives had attempted to escape the case of the Panama Leaks Case Decision. However the court record has neglected the statement. Of the chair of the national accountability table.

Popular lawyer ashtar ausaf ali in his court filings. Said that any precise judgment can not be given within the case until the claim presented. Through the claimant are not tested and proven.

Political landscape will be changed:

Meanwhile all eyes are on the case decision. That took more than 126 days from thereferred court record. The Panama Leaks Case Decision changed the political landscape of the country. Which became the bone of rivalry between two political agencies. The primary cover all the political opposition that includes the PTI. And the second belonging to the supporters of the ruler pml-n.

Uproar in Pakistan :

Sharif’s alleged misconduct came to light as part of a huge leak. Of dark documents from a Panamanian law firm specializing in setting up offshore groups in tax havens. A trove of eleven million and five million digital statistics from the Panamanian control company. Pit pit mossack closure that learned how some of the world’s rich used offshore agencies to keep belongings.

Three of Sharif’s four sons, maryam, hasan and hussain. Owned offshore companies and “owned had power to authorize. Action for many companies. ” Therefore Sharif and his family are dismissed the accusations of money. Laundering and denial of any wrongdoing. Because Panamanian roles in June 2016. Competition events have been skipping over the possibility of recording their protests. And mobilizing supporters to the demonstration against nawaz sharif.

Panama Papers:

Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017


Closing 12 months, the Panamanian papers scandal shook governments. Exposed excessive personalities, hasten research ratings around the arena. And dealt a blow to Panama as an offshore economic center. Within actual importance the Prime Minister of Iceland changed. To forced to resign after the flight confirmed that his own family protected his assets at sea.

Among those exposed to scrutiny are Pakistani Minister Nawaz Sharif. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron. And many current and former politicians and friends.

Bench of Supreme Court:

Headlining a bank of 5 banks, listening to a series of prayer against the sharif circle of relatives. Justice asif saeed khosa located 26,000 pages had been filed in the case and judges will read. “Every sentence” of it. He discovered that now was not a case in which a quick order would be overcome.

The courtroom will find out the most effective case after thinking.  About the material presented within the courtroom and could announce its verdict.  Accordance with the regulations and the nature. We can decide the situation through this law. Such that humans will say 20 years later. That judgment was made with the help of the book.

Accountability Era:

Pti leader and member of the nationwide meeting shafqat mahmood says. Panamanian documents meet the apex court has positioned the problem of crime level in Pakistani politics. favorably this could be the beginning of true liability. By corrupt politicians, force and national formation.

On the other hand, the minister of railways khawaja saad rafique stated that. PML-N could notice something that the decision could receive through the bright court within the case. He stated that the decision of the court turned almost to return. And all parties in the case need to prepare to accept it. You could have your personal reserves, and emotions. However you need to admire the selection of the court.

Panama Leaks Case Decision 20 April 2017

The pancaked case, whose verdict has been reserved due to the fact that on February 23. Even sparked belief as to whether the army had a behind-the-scenes position. On 8 April, asif ghafoor’s chief favorite. Spokesman for the Pakistan navy, tweeted to deny the claim.

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