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Happy Independence Day Mongolia | 2016

Independence Day Mongolia:

Independence Day MongoliaIndependence Day Mongolia is celebrated on December 29 in Mongolia every year . This day imprint the Mongolian independence declaration from Manchu King Empire and formation of the Republic of Mongolia.

By the end of the 17th century once capable Mongolia was slow moving due to dissolution. Ligdan Khan signed the treaty with the Ming empire of China to assure the northern boundary of Mongolia from the Manchus charge. After his death in 1634 most of Inner Mongolian clan were agree to the Manchus, who founded the King dynasty of China.

After the Xinhai coup in China in May 1911 the King dynasty was overthrown and Mongolia under the Bogd Khan stated its independence on December 29, 1911. The freshly settled Republic of Mongolia wasn’t solid enough to care of  itself and already in 1919 it was employed by the Republic of China and in fresh 1921 by Russia.


 Independence Day Mongolia Quotes, Status and Messages:

  • Dawn in Mongolia was an awesome thing. In one instant, the prospect became a dim line suspended in the blackness, and then the line was drawn skyward, higher and higher. It was as if a big hand had covered down from the sky and calmly lifted the drape of night from the look of the earth. It was a grand sight, far greater in range…than anything that I, with my narrow human faculties, could fully fathom.


  •  Freedom has its life in the hearts,the actions, the energy of men
    and so it must be daily earned and cool.
    else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots,
    it will dry and die. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY


  • This public will remain
    the area of the free only so long
    as it is the home of the dashing.



  • A Very Very Happy Independence Day To You.
    A amazing Independence Day Saying
    On Independence Day
    Here’s wising our fantasy of a new
    tomorrow come pure for us..
    The flag of my country furls very large
    Other might have forgotten,
    But never i can ,
    The Flag of my homey
    Furls very large,
    Happy Independence day


  • Nation searching for area . . .                                                                                                                                 A union Was Searching For A part Of Land. . .                                                                                               Now, A Part Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .                                                                                             Can Any One Help..??


  • Freedom in the Mind,                                                                                                                                               Faith in the words..
    Pride in our Souls..
    Let’s salute the Nation ..our Independence Day!
  • Some items just can not be speaked in words
    Some people just can not be lived without
    Love can say volumes even when words can not
    So all i am going to say that ..
    I Love You SooOOOOoooOOOoo… Much
    Happy Independence Day


  • Some Like Friday,
    Some like Sunday,
    But i like One Day
    And that is Independence Day   “Happy Independence Day”



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