Independence Day

Independence day in sierra leone 2017

Independence day in sierra leone 2017:

Independence day in sierra leone 2017The Government of Sierra Leone celebrates its Independence Day on April 27. Sierra Leone indicate its autonomy from the United Kingdom in 1961. The first Europeans who set foot in Sierra Leone were the catalan at the end of the fifteenth century. In the seventeenth century. The most significant European groups of this field become the British. In 1787 British founded Granville Town, are the first settlement of the so it is called Freedom Province.

Five years later settlers from Nova Scotia were established Free town. The crude era in Sierra Leone began in 1800. In 1924, the British government divided the area into two parts, a colony and a protectorate. The bile between the two body add to after World War II.

Sierra Leone People’s Party:

Independence day in sierra leone 2017

In 1951, the educated leaders of the protectorate formed the Sierra Leone People’s Party. In 1953 Sierra Leone received the local ministerial power. After four year the first senatorial elections were took place. In 1960 an independence meeting was held and on 27 April 1961, Sierra Leone gained independence from the United Kingdom.

Independence Day parties in Sierra Leone often include act by government agent, show, boot, ceremony, feast and other events. The old ball of ability has been held on the moment since 2009.

Public Holidays 2017:

Independence day in sierra leone 2017
Sierra Leone celebrates 10 national holidays each year. Most of which are religious celebrations. Many of the holiday celebrations in Sierra Leone are produced. On different dates each year because of the way in which their dates. of celebration are calculated. National holidays in Sierra Leone are non-working days.

National laws do not require employers to lend any type of payment to their employees by these dates. Companies fund the right to offer paid national holidayas part of their benefits package. In many cases, paid vacations are only enjoyed by people who work directly. For the government or for an international firm.

Employe’s Requirements of Holiday:

Employers are required to provide the day off for employees.  And if the employee is required to work due to the nature of their work. They are given a day off rather of the holiday. There is no coupon explain in case companies should close on national holidays.

The government capital the right to establish unique national holidays. This has been used in the past for election days and to help action crash of the disease. In 2014, Sierra Leone held a esential 3-day national holiday to detention the country during the Ebola crash.

Eruot clashes as Sierra Leone celebrates Independence Day 2017:

Police fired guns and tear gas at the base of an action party and arrested their ally. During the celebrations for Sierra Leone’s Independence Day, confirmed the party and police.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the base of the Sierra Leone. People’s Party (SLPP) to celebrate the party and found the party in 1951. The day is celebrated with carnival dances in the streets.

“We warne out, not to go out with circus because they did not have a permit to do so”

Said police officer Al Shek Kamara.
Brima Koroma, an SLPP chief, said the party had been denied approval. Police had fired tear gas and live shots, he added.

“They also expel, our party office harm and detained some of our member”

The clashs took place two years before a presidential election.  Backbone have urged President Ernest Bai Koroma to extend his command. Above his two-term limit yet he had ban through his agent. That he has a plan of this kind.

Independence day in sierra leone 2017
List of Holidays in Sierra Leone:

January 1: Happy New Year Day
February 4: Maulid-un-Nabi
April 6: Good Friday
April 9: Easter Monday
April 27: Independence Day
August 19: Eid al-Fitr
October 26: Eid al-Adha
December 25: Christmas Day
December 26: Boxing Day
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