Honey Bees

Importance of Honey bee

Importance of Honey bee:

Importance of Honey bee is the main thing. Bees are part and parcel for human beings. Crops are grown by the help of insects especially bees. The 84% of the corn are grown for the human beings. Bees are the pollinate a third of everything.

Importance of Honey bee

Bees have the importance to grow yields:

Near about 400 different types of flowers and plants need the insects to pollinate them to increase their yields and quality. In these types of yields are many fruits and vegetables, many of nuts, and plants sunflower, coffee  tea and minty more. As a result, Annual global crop pollination from the bees is estimate to the worth of $170bn.

Bees are the industrious pollinators the reason is that they have co-evolved with developing plants over millions of year.

Importance of Honey bee

Importance of honey bee and Flower to one another:

The honey bee needs the flower to eat food, though the flowers need the bees to reproduce. The only food for the honey bees is pollen and nectar. Sweet nectar gives the adult bee’s energy. Pollen is a protein rich baby food. For the bees a flower is the fountain of life, and to flowers, the bees are the messenger of love for them.

Importance of Honey bee

How bees collect food?:

In the process of foraging for food bees are designed to very artistically pollinate. If you keenly observed a female honey bee, then you will definitely notice a thing, you will see that she has balls of pollen, on her neck in which they are collected the food. These are the small baskets in which she takes to the nests to feed the young after fertilizing the flowers. For the alone bees the pollen is collect on the hairs on their abdomen.

Importance of Honey bee

How Bees means a way to grow yield:

It’s a very simple thing that the bee gets covered in pollen, the side of male part of the flower, and then deposits the grain to the female parts of the next flower that they visit. Its a lucky for the plants that insects are use to fly from one flower to other. The plants have also sex. Once pollen is on the stigma it transfer it into the ovary where It fertilizes and forms a seed. A few months advanced kernel grows into a fruit or vegetable.

How many types of honey in the world?:

In the world there are 25,000 different bee species all around the world.  There are four species of honey bee in which western honey bee, is the one we took the honey bee to the US and then on to Australia.

  1. Carniola honey bee
  2. Caucasian honey bee
  3. Buck fast honey bee
  4. Russian honey bee
  5. Italian honey bee

Food of honey bee:

Honey bees are use to take the meal of honey.  Queen of the honey bee eats royal jelly which is make up of pollen and nectar. Workers of honey bees queen collect the food for the whole colony as well as larvae. Drones are just for mating with the queen they do not collect honey.

Importance of Honey bee

Importance of honey bee for humans:

Honey is a part and parcel of human life. It has full nutrition which is a quantitative food for the human. It is also use as a medicine. For different types of skin problems it is use. Without honey and specially honey bees our life is totally incomplete. That’s why bees are use to grow plants. From plants we get our meal like fruits and vegetable.

Long tongued species:

Round about 250 species of bees different types are bumblebees. Some of species have long tongued, these are better at pollinating plants with long, tubular flowers. The long tongued bees are capable of buzz pollination. While some of bumblebees are wild.

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