Honey Bees

Honey bee House

Honey bee House:

Honey bee House: Honey bee house is an enclose naturally occurring or the artificial structure. The Man made artificial structure created for domesticated honey bee. Domesticated honey bee can be known as the bee hive. The place where the honey beekeepers keep these beehive we called it an apiary or a bee yard.

Honey bee House

Beeswax and honeycombs:

All of the forty four subspecies of honey bees only the Apis cerana and Apis melifera are domesticate by humans. Similar to the perennial nest occupied by colonies of honey bees in the wild. An artificial bee hive consists of a special matrix of hexagonal cells that are generally made of beeswax.  The bees wax is known as the honeycombs. These type of cells are use by bees for store pollen and honey for their eggs larvae and pupae.

Purpose of man made bee hive:

The Purpose of man made bee hive is the production of honey and the pollination of the crops in a nearby or distant area, because it can so easily transported.

Honey bee House

Building of the house:

From the ancient time the artificial bee hives have been use. It was typically made of unbaked clay and straw arrange in orderly and without any internal structure. The honey bees have to create their own honeycombs.  The fixed frame of traditional beehives with crossed attached honey combs. That were the destroyed upon the harvesting of honey have been place buy movable frames of beehives. The modern type of honey bee was used din the 19th century are optimize for eastern and the western honey bees to produce the more honey from the bees.

There is really a very large variety of the modern enclosures for honey bees like including Langstroth beehive, national hives commercial hives. WBC beehive, dartington long deep beehive , beehives, wire beehives and top bar beehives some of which patented designs.

Common movable frame beehives:

Most Common used types of movable frame beehives are langstroth patent in 1852 and these are use by almost 75% of the beekeepers in the world. Top bar beehives,  and the latter being are more popular in US in the developing countries. It is most efficient and simple to setup. These types of frames prevent the honeybees from the attaching honeycombs better use of bee space the reason is that the honeycombs are neither connecting adjacent frames to the walls of the beehives.

Now a day,  a modern Langstroth beehive including a hive stand. The bottom board designed the broad box (where the bees queen lays egg) , the entrance way the honeybees care for the larvae.

Beehives supers or bodies are boxes with the four sides and standardize interior dimensions. The outer dimensions depends on the material used, the typically polystyrene boxes are being larger than the wooden boxes. They generally hold 8 to 10 frames.

Honey bee House

How to being a beehive:

It may beseem like a daunting task when you first ask how to being a beehive. It’s a really a simple task when you get it underway.

Honey bee diet:

The honey bees are the most highly organize society. From the thousands of years they have been the great interest to humans. According to the plains Nature humans was use to write about honey bees more than any other species of insects. They eat pollen and nectar. Nectar and pollen is the two staples on which honey bees diet based. Both Pollen and Nectar are produce by flowers. Pollen, is a powdery dust like substance, it is use to produce by various flowering plants. Pollen is one the most pure and richest natural foods for the Honey Bee, holding all the nutritional requirements of a honey bee like: sugar, carbohydrates, protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Nectar is one of the sweet fluids that found in flowers. Honey bees gather nectar and convert it into honey

Honey bee House


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