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Honey Bee Eggs : Reproduction & Life cycle

Honey bee eggs

The life cycle of all insects, as well as  honey bee are begins with honey bee eggs. During the winter season, queen of the honey bee form a new colony by the laying eggs. In the every cell of the colony inside the honeycomb. The fertilized eggs just hatch into the female workers bees. The queen has to fertilize eggs to create a team of the workers bees. Workers bee woks like forage food and take care of the colony.

Honey Bee Eggs : Reproduction & Life cycle

 How to Honey bee Queens lays eggs?:

Each and every colony contains only one queen. Which are made at an early age of the bees and collect more than 5 million sperm. A Honey bee queen just has one mating flight and she stores enough sperm during the mating flight to lay eggs throughout her life.  It’s a fact that when a queen can no lay eggs, new queens become responsible for meeting male bee or drones for mating and laying honey bee eggs.

Honey bee queen Eggs height & quantity:

The height of honey bee eggs is 1 to 1.5 mm long. Its about half the size of a single grain of a rice.  Whenever the queen lays eggs.She moves through the comb, closely observed each cell before laying her eggs. The procedure of laying one egg takes just only a few seconds. A queen bee is able to laying approx 2,000 eggs per day.

Placement & food of the honey bee eggs:

A young queen lays eggs by using an systematic organized pattern. Workers bee placed each and every  egg next to others within a cell. A Queen begin to start laying eggs in the middle of the cell frame.  Workers can placed  every type of food like honey  royal jelly on the outer edges of the larvae.

A honey bee Larvae size & food:

When a honey bee Queen lay egg so it becomes to attach the cell by mucous strand. The duration of the first stage of development the digestive system, nervous system and outer covering are formed. After three days the eggs began to hatch into the larvae. Which will feed by the workers of the honey bees. Honey bees fed them honey, royal jelly and other liquid form plants. The body parts of the new born  honey bee larvae don’t  have these parts of body like legs , eyes, wings and antennae. They have so resemblance like grain of rice with the small mouth. They will eat and grow by into the adult workers, drones or queen.

Observing  of the bee eggs:

  • To observing the eggs of the honey bee. It’s a compulsory thing to remove a frame from the brood nest and with your back to sun hold. The frame up to the sunlight so it will be visible to see you the inner walls of the bee hive.
  • Usually a bee queen Lays egg in the center of the frame. Queen bee lays egg at the middle but the workers bee shifts them to the edges.
  • The queen of the honey bee will lay fertilized eggs in small cells and can unfertilized eggs in large cells.
  • Newly laid bee eggs will be standing straight up into the cell. Day by day two the egg has titled faintly toward the bottom of the cell and by the end of the third day a larvae hatch.
  • If the workers feel that there is something wrong with an egg. It may also be possible that queen laid more than one egg then they have to remove them from the cell.
  • A beekeeper has the ability to automatically spot eggs in the cell.


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