Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2017

Easter Sunday 2017

What is Easter Sunday?

The resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday (modern Greek icon) According to the canonical Gospels, Jesus rose from the dead the third day after His crucifixion on Good Sunday. His resurrection of Easter celebrated on Easter Sunday (also called Easter Day, Resurrection Day, Easter Resurrection, Holy Week or just Easter).



Easter sunday is the most important event of the Christian calendar, and it is observed regularly since the early days of the Church.
Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead, after the crucifixion. The end of Holy Week, the end of Easter and the last day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday), as well as the beginning of the Easter of the liturgical year.

Easter Sunday 2017


Do you think the Easter date is related to the full moon? Specifically, Easter is celebrated the first Sunday after the full Paschal moon on the just after the vernal equinox.
For simplicity, the equinox is considered March 21 (a set spring date set by the church) although it is not always that day. The full Easter moon always falls on the 14th day of a lunar month; Because ancient calculation made in a.d. 325 taht is did not take into account in certain lunar motions, it may differ from the true date of the full moon for a day or so.
Holy Week always falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25.

Why does the every year the date of Easter Sunday will be changed?

Although it is known today especially as a time to eat chocolate eggs, Easter is a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus as described in the Bible.

The Gospels accounts of death, life, and resurrection of Jesus that are included in the Bible – set the date of the crucifixion as Friday, April 3, although the mention of an eclipse occurring on that day has created more debate .

The year of the Crucifixion has been calculated to be 33 AD comparing with references to the high priest Caiaphas, the governor Pontius Pilate and the emperor Tiberius Caesar, who all lived at the same time as Jesus.

So, if we know that Jesus died on April 3, why is the Easter date different every year?

Easter Sunday 2017
It is because the last week in the life of Jesus – a period known as the Passion – includes a series of related events that must fall into the right place on the calendar.
These include the Last Supper (in what is now known as Holy Thursday) and the Crucifixion (in what we call Good Friday). This was followed two days later by the Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead (Easter Sunday).

First Council of Nicaea of 325 AD:

The Last Supper was at or around the time of Passover, the Jewish feast celebrating the Israelites who were freed from slavery in Egypt. Easter begins at the full moon.
There is no consensus on the date of Easter sunday until the group of bishops met at the First Council of Nicaea of 325 AD to set rules on how it should be drawn up.

They decided that Easter (meaning Easter Day or Easter Sunday) should always be a Sunday. It had to be the first Sunday after the full moon at Easter, the time of the Last Supper.

Because the full moon may fall on different days in different time zones, it was decreed that the date would always be taken as the fourteenth day of the lunar month, and should always be the next full moon AFTER the Spring Equinox.

This is now called the Full Moon Paschal, and may vary for two days from the actual full moon.

Once that date is known, then Easter holidays can be given their place on the calendar.

Am I still confused? Then watch the video above.

Easter Sunday 2017


When is Easter in 2017?

The key dates are as follows:

Good Friday is April 14

Easter Saturday is April 15

Easter Sunday ( Easter Day) is April 16

Easter Monday is April 17th

Good Friday is the next day of the year after New Year’s Day.

And with Easter Monday also a holiday, it means a four-day weekend for many people.

For University, school and colleges there are approximately two weeks Easter holidays. That include Easter key dates and mark the end of one term and the beginning of the next.
For Birmingham schools, the spring period ends on Friday, April 7, and then there is a two-week break until the summer period begins on Monday, April 24.

What is the Easter weather forecast for 2017?

Easter Sunday 2017
April will be set to become increasingly unstable as weather’s atmospheric fronts move in.

At present its indications are that Good Sunday will be partly sunny. With rain on Easter Saturday, sunny Easter days and a cloudy day on Easter Sunday.
The Met Office said that, in general, we are more likely to see snow on Easter than Christmas. The later in the year when Easter Sunday falls the better weather.

If weather is good then, it will be perfect. To go on one of the many Easter egg hunts in and around Birmingham.

We will provide you with the most up-to-date information. On the Easter weather forecast as soon as it is known ..

What happens if you go on vacation during Easter?

Families traveling out of town for Easter are being warned. To come early for flights or risk not being allowed on board due to oversold.

Passengers in transit should be offered another flight. Or a refund, but this may reduce their precious rest.

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