Honey Bees

Body Parts of Honey bee

Body parts of Honey bee:

There are many body parts of honey bee. She has many parts like other living things which are approx. similar to insects. The body parts of honey bees are thorax, head, ocelli, Antenna, jaw, tongue, compound eye, forewing, hindwing, abdomen, spiracle, sting, pollen press, hindleg, middle led, foreleg and antenna cleaner.

Body Parts of Honey bee

Honey bee skeleton:

Like all other insects honey bee also has skeleton. Bees skeleton is on the outside. This arrangement is can be called exoskeleton. This is near the entire bee is covered with branched hairs. The bee can feel these hairs the reason behind the bee can feel is that the pollen sticks well to the branched hairs.

Body Parts of Honey bee

Head of the honey bee:

The head of the honey bee from somewhat is triangle otherwise its flat. Here are all of the brain and the sensory organs. Sensory organs mean (feel, sight, taste and smell).

  • Eye: The head of the honey bee is include with two large compound eyes. These large compound eyes are use for general distance of sight and three small eyes that called ocelli. These type of their eyes used in poor light condition. There is a difference among the Workers bee, drones and queen.

Mouth: Honey bees jaws that are called “Mandibles” The jaws of bees are used for feeding larvae. Some other works are also done by this like pollen collecting, carrying things and manipulating wax.

Proboscis: Everyone is familiar to the noisemakers. This shows up at birthday and on the New Year Eve parties. The bees Proboscis have very much similar to party favors only without the tooth.  This organ is retracted whenever the bee is taking rest. Whenever bee is feeding or drinking so this organ unfolds to form that the bee uses like a straw.

Body Parts of Honey bee

The Honey be thorax:

The thorax is composes to the middle part of the bee. It is segment between the head and the stomach. At this place there are two pairs of wings and sex legs are anchor.

Wings: Do you know that how many wings honey bee has? The answer is that bee has four legs. The two pairs are attached fore and aft to the bee thorax. Wings are hook together in flight and separate when the bee is at rest.

Legs: The bee has three pairs of legs of these legs are different. Each of the leg has six segments that make them completely flexible. A strange thing about bee is that it has taste receptors on the tips of their legs. The bee is use to use its forward most legs to clean its antennae.

The middle legs of the bee are helps it in walking and are use to pick the load of the pollen. The pollen is load onto the pollen baskets that are the part of the hind legs.

The hind legs are especially use for the worker bee. The worker bees contain special combs and pollen. Which are usually use by the worker bee to brush, pack, collect and for carry pollen and propolis back to the hive.

Spiracles: The tiny holes along the sides of the bee thorax and stomach the mean is that by which the bee breathes. The trachea of bee is attache to the spiracles. It is the through the first hole in the thorax that is tracheal mites gain access to the trachea.

Body Parts of Honey bee


Abdomen on a honey bee:

The Abdomen is part of the body of honey bee that contains its digestive organs, wax and scent glands, reproductive organs and infamous stinger.



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