April Fool

April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities

April Fool’s Day 2017 ActivitiesOn this day  many of the people’s take the time for trying to make a practical joke and making prank and fool’s to many peoples in their home, office, class rooms, school, college, university and many other public places. You can give your ESL chance to the students to join in the fun. And have you knows the idea? You maybe inspire from them by playing their own pranks and April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities with your friends.


Here are some ideas  or April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities that you would like to play with your class fellows. All these pranks and activities that are mentioned in this top list of activities of April fool’s day activities 2017 on this Saturday. April fool’s day will be celebrated every year on 1st April around the world. Now in this year April fool’s day will be celebrated on 1st April 2017 on Saturday. There is a chance for you for making fool to your friends, family, enemies, parents, business partners, colleagues, brother, sister, and some other people’s in your life.

April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities
April fool’s day 2017 games for adults:

I have brought some of the funny games or April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities for you that you can play with your fellows for making them fools on this April fool’s day. This funny celebrations brings the charm of this day on this year. By playing this games it brings your day very high and make you funny and joyful.

April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities
Game#1: Baby sound

This is a most funny and amazing family game or April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities that is fit for April fool’s day 2017 parties. Parties that are especially organized for children’s and many kids love to attend these parties warmly. For parents it will make a quality time for attraction and have to love with their beloved children. They looks like a fools to them, as they make a bubbly and baby sounds like a infants and baby’s. You can copy sound of your child and make them more funny and amazing. And you can tell your chilled this is your sound when they were very small baby he/she will cry or laugh. It is surprising game for your child and he/she become so happy.

Game#2: Do belly dance for men

These April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities or games involve lots of funny option and moments for adults parties on April fool’s day 2017 on Saturday. This is one of the best game that is playing with fun loving couples, friends, and also with fellows. There is need of bold and fun loving couples and energetic people’s. Any type of peoples can take part in this game and make them fun and fool to other peoples. Am sure this competition will surely makes your guest roll with laughter. You can also get most funny graphs of this funny and amazing game of this April fool’s day 2017.

Game#3: Bluff master

This is a passive playing cards game for this April fool’s day 2017. This game can be played two or more partners at the same time. Although a larger group of peoples accommodated can also be played this amazing game. Where all of you have to do it as it is bluff. Lie and cheat that is keeping the spirit of this day or April fool’s day 2017 parties of this year. The winner of this game of course will be the master bluff.

Game#4: Wisdom sayings game for April fool’s day 2017

This is an passive board game for those players that are more than 12 years. More than two peoples can take part in this amazing and funny game. One person can easily improvise on this game for including more activities and will make it more funky.

Game#5: Silly, Silly

This is an amazing, appropriate and funny game for this gorgeous and funny occasion of April fool’s day 2017 on Saturday. And it will be helped to you to fish out the most idiot or stupid person of all the fool’s on this party. It is more suitable for both kids and adults. Because it is an passive game for every type of peoples on April fool’s day 2017.

Easy prank ideas:

April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities
Pranking your coworkers and friends is an amazing and timeless tradition for many peoples. The pranks can be elaborate or simple but are always amazing and funny. In this article you can find more easy and funny practically joke pranks or ideas for easy pranks that you can play with many peoples on April fool’s day 2017.

Painting a soap with nail polish:

This is an amazing and very funny trick for April fool’s day 2017 on Saturday. You can use a nail paint have transparent in color and use smoothly on bath soap. You can apply this nail paint on soap and let it for dry in the bath. When somebody wants for taking bath in the morning, he try to apply soap on their body he/she can’t do this just because of nail pint. And he become fool and getting surprised. This trick is best for doing in the early morning at your home.

MIX up Skittles and M&ME in same Bowl:

You dirty dog! It is one of the most simplest and effective trickery methods of messing some people’s taste expectations. When you have open the bag of candy, suddenly you can pull of this one. A cold heart begging experience for forgiveness.

Change contact info in friends phone:

Ask your friend for giving you their cell phone. When you getting their cell phone you can change your contact name to “MOM” and replace them. After some time you can send them some strange text messages from your number. When he received your messages he become surprised and shocked after saying messages. This is more amazing and funny practical idea of prank for making your friend fool on April fool’s day 2017.

Setting Air horn:

It is one of the best and amazing funny prank of the year for making somebody fool’s. Just you can take a packing tape for securing the can of air horn under the base of chair. Set its position just under the seat. When your coworker wants to take rest or relaxes into it! Suddenly the horn is sets of……Your coworker will be shocked and become frighten of your idea of prank.

April Fool’s Day 2017 Activities
All these April fool’s day 2017 activities pranks are very effective and more funny to make you laugh. You can use all the activities in your office, home, college, school, universities and in other publick places without feeling any hesitation. All these activities are harmless and have no any bad effect on other people’s that who become victim or fool on this amazing day.