Honey Bees

A Honey bees Diet

A Honey Bees Diet:

Honey bees Diet: Honey bee are the busy minute creatures. These insects are very efficient in their work ,what they do. For the honey bees diet is to produce honey, they eat pollen and nectar from a diversity of flowers. Honey bees are fascinated to gardens and fields that offer a variety of flowering undergrowth.

 Pollen and Nectar:
A Honey bees Diet

Nectar and pollen is the two staples on which honey bees diet based. Both Pollen and Nectar are produced by flowers. Pollen, is a powdery dust like substance, it is used to produce by various flowering plants. Pollen is one the most pure and richest natural foods for the Honey Bee, holding all the nutritional requirements of a honey bee like: sugar, carbohydrates, protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Nectar is one of the sweet fluids that found in flowers. Honey bees gather nectar and convert it into honey.

Special diet of Queen honey:

The majority of the honey bee larvae eat honey. But those larvae that are elect to become future queens will be fed on royal jelly.  Royal jelly is the mixture of honey, pollen and Nectar. Royal jelly is a white excretion produced by young, female worker bees. It is comprised pollen and chemicals from the glands of workers bee. Royal jelly contains nutritive supplements, fertility stimulants and other medicines, as well as B vitamins protein and carbohydrates. Workers and the drones are fed on the royal jelly during the first few days of larval development. While future queen larvae munch royal jelly throughout their enlargement.
A Honey bees Diet

Difference between Honey bee & Queen honey Diet:

After the eating of three days royal jelly just honey bee queens can eat royal jelly. When the drone and workers larvae are then given bee bread , which is made up of honey and pollen. In this way they grow speedily and become twofold the size of an ordinary honey bee. Due to the ironic nutritional value of royal jelly, queens can survive five years and can lay up to 2,000 eggs each day.

A Honey bees Diet

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