Independence Day

24 December Independence Day Libya

24 December Independence Day


Independence Day is celebrated in Libya on December 24. This day marks the anniversary of the Libyan independence declaration from British and French mistake in 1951.

24 December Independence Day Libya

Libya became Italian outpost after the end of the Italo-Turkish battle. From 1912 to 1927 area of Libya was known as Italian North Africa. And then it was divided into two colonies, Italian Tripolitania and Italian Cyrenaica.

Italy lost authority of Libya during World battle II, when Italy was occupied by the Allies. Britain authorized Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, while France direct Fezzan. In 1947 Italy signed the accord treaty, relinquishing its application to Libya under its terms. In 1949 the UN General Assembly declared, that Libya should boost independence by January 1, 1952. On December 24, 1951 Libya stated independence form British and French oversight and became known as the UK of Libya.

For a lengthy time Libyans did not celebrate this day at the state level. Under Muammar Gaddafi’s law only the 1969 coup that led him to capacity was marked. In 2011 Libyans were adept to celebrate Independence Day for the 1st time.


Libyans once again celebrated Independence Day on 24 December 2011 at the end of the law of Gaddafi. The day was a very serious one for the people of the country as Independence Day was being noticed after a crack of 42 years. Glorious celebrations were formed on the occasion and skies were lit with awesome fireworks and magnificent lanterns since the drop of Gaddafi in 2011. Independence Day is celebrated every year in Libya on 24 December 2011.


The national chorus of Libya is:

Oh my country! With my attempt and my composure

Ride off enemies and mishaps,
And bear!
Endure all through; we are your ransom
Oh Libya!
Oh my country! You are the culture of grandfathers,
May God casting off any hand that would abuse you
Do survive! We are all forever your army,
If you survive we responsibility not who perishes.
To you we give glum pledges
that we, Oh Libya, will never drop you.
We’ll never go to the back to fetters, we have been detach, and we have freed our lovely country
Our grandfathers carried their swords when battle called on them
Carrying the holy Quran in a hand.
They have built our honesty
Salute Idris the heir of conquerors
He is the number of struggle and Jehad
He carried our flag big
And we followed him to free our area
He built the celebrity of his throne
And took Libya to the skies
A free flag
Over a booming country
Idris, the son of Libya, the son of tigers
We are for honor
And glory is yours
Since we began our battle, all people were with us
May god care of  our independence
follow the ultimate ceiling
And be ready for the battle, our youth
Life is a battle for the greatness of our home area
Libya, Libya



  • Leader of the General National Congress Nouri Abusahmain (2013).
  • Prime Minister: Abdullah al-Thinni (provisional; 2014).
  • Total rang: 679,358 sq mi.
  • culture (2014 est.): 6,244,174.
  • Capital and biggest city (2011 est.): Tripoli.
  • Monetary crew: Libyan dinar
  • Accent: Arabic, Italian, English; Berber (Ghadamis, Nafusi, Awjilah, Suknah, Tamasheq).
  • Ethnicity: Arab, Berber, Indians, Maltese, Greeks, Egyptians, Italians, Turks, Pakistanis, Tunisians.
  • Religion: Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian & Hindu.
  • Agriculture: barley, wheat, dates, olives, vegetables, peanuts, citrus, soybeans and cattle.
  • Industries: Steel and iron, food processing, handicrafts, petroleum,  textiles, cement.
  • Logical resources: natural gas, petroleum, gypsum.

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